About YDC Design

Frank & Rose Praino started YDC Design, a residential and commercial design company, in 2004. They specialize in interior design, business design, real estate design and modeling services for New York City apartment dwellers. The Praino’s met as real estate agents at Prudential Douglas Elliman, and they work primarily throughout Manhattan- but have completed projects in Westchester, Long Island’s ‘East End,’ Costa Rica’s ‘Gold Coast’ and most recently in Croatia! 

The YDC Design Formula

Frank (Function) + Rose (Form) = Balance

To truly be successful, we believe that all planes of life must be in balance. We are married parents who run a business in addition to our personal pursuits, so actively maintaining balance is crucial. We believe that balance is just as important for design, whether in interiors, logos, or business development.

Over the past 16 years of marriage, we have developed a unique energy and dynamic, honed our abilities separately and together, discovered our strengths as a team and learned to compensate for each other’s weaknesses. Though we share a similar aesthetic, our approach in reaching the final product differ.

As our client, you’ll have a constant sounding board, and the full attention of two dedicated professionals with two points of view to craft your design. Rose’s point of view keeps design front and center:

“I find that no matter where I am or what I am doing, I’m constantly editing what I am looking at. These exercises are a large part of who I am. It’s impossible to walk into a room, store or restaurant and not connect with how it made me feel, why, and what I could change to create improvements… I live and breathe design.”

Frank Praino and Rose Praino

YDC Interior Design

As the co-founders of YDC Design, we maintain an honest and authentic aesthetic that is sensitive to the art of living and how one exists in their space. We work with real people and families who want to live in a beautiful place without worrying about maintaining a fragile or “overdressed” environment. Your home should feel fluid and effortless, like a relaxing breath at the end of a long day. 

With our help, your home will be appointed and curated with the comforts of everyday living, including piles of magazines, a well-used place on the sofa, and a place to set shopping bags. After we curate your space, you’ll also have the proper pieces in place for easy “decluttering,” so that the space itself can exist in its purest form.



Interior Designer

Frank & Rose

Frank & Rose



Business Designer

Testimonials & Press

"Frank and his partner Rose are a quality combination for apartment renovations and decorating work that ranges from cosmetic to more fundamental. They had a number of very creative approaches to achieving a good design that proved successful and has made for a very enjoyable space. Their work was of the highest quality and their pricing for their services was fair…"

− Abbott S., The Stillman Group

"Thank you so much, Rose. I saw pictures of our NYC apartment the other day and it looks amazing. I just love it. You have a very distinctive style. It is comfortable and modern, warm and cozy, but not too contemporary. Right on the spot for me. I truly lucked out to have met you, I wish it had happened sooner."

− Vesna K., Upper West Side, NYC

"Rose and Frank, I am beyond impressed with the pictures you sent of our condo. You have worked magic and the condo looks better than it ever did! Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything! I can't stop looking at the pictures. You and your team did a fantastic job and I am overwhelmed. I really appreciate your professionalism and how honest and upfront you have been with everything, i.e. replacing the light bulbs and dealing with items left by renters (things I wish our Realtor would have informed us about.) It’s extremely nerve-wracking trying to sell a property and you have put us at ease… I am so thankful you were referred to us!"

− -- Anne H., Upper West Side, NYC (Real Estate Design)





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