Rose Praino founded YDC Design in 2004 for one reason:

To Create Intuitive Designs for the Art Of Living.

Rose’s taste is cutting edge, eclectic, and marked by aesthetic endurance. She creates balanced spaces that are equal parts form and function, infusing global accents and avant-garde elements.

Rose realizes her design philosophy through layers of rich textures, clean shapes and cleverly infused lighting. Her designs are modern, clean, and exuberant, and they always have a way of transcending trends.

In addition to her vision and experience as an interior designer, Rose has an uncanny ability to empathize with her clients — envisioning their needs and wants and translating them into aesthetically stimulating spaces.


"At the end of the day, interior design is collaboration between the designer and the end user. Communication is key. The result must always be a harmonious relationship between form and function."

− Rose Praino