When your company designs a new product, service, experience or workplace, you are essentially designing your business. Successful business design creates offerings that inspire organizations, excite customers and drive innovation!
At YDC, we combine a design-oriented mindset with traditional corporate strategies to help clients maximize their potential and create avenues for future growth.


"Through innovative design processes, we create solutions that inspire collaboration, increase productivity, promote employee mobility and streamline space use. We study each client’s business drivers and culture to create a space that helps them flourish."

− Frank Praino

Workplace Design

More than ever, companies need work environments that engage their team, improve productivity and support a constantly changing business climate.

Business Development

At YDC Design, we believe that design is the foundation for all development. Design permeates every aspect of business, including products, services, processes and organizational behavior.

We combine thoughtful design with traditional corporate strategies to create innovative concepts in Brand Creation, Product Development & Organizational Design.

Brand Creation

Brand Creation is a fundamental aspect of Business Design. At YDC, we foster creative ideas to facilitate the branding process.
If you are a startup or an established business, YDC will help design your products, services or spaces to align with the identity of your brand.

Product Design

Product Design is a creative process that begins with observation and understanding and is supported by an empathetic approach. By understanding the problem we are able to design a solution.

YDC Product Design Success Story

“Sno Shack,” a beachside smoothie shop, decided to develop another product to expand its revenue stream. YDC Design developed a natural fruit popsicle product called ‘Pura Vida Pops’ that became widely popular and was eventually sold to a private equity firm.


"As Business Designers, we work closely with companies to develop a strategy for innovation and draw roadmaps for future growth. We assist business leaders in figuring out what innovation means for their organizations, how it will impact their business, and what it will take to engage and mobilize their organizations."

− Frank Praino